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Welcome to Inkhead

We have been running creative writing workshops and clubs in schools and libraries for the past decade. We use a workshop approach to show and encourage children age 7 to 14 to write the stories they want to write.  This involves showing them how to develop believable characters; plot a story; use the setting in a dynamic way and pick the “right” words, similes, metaphors to describe both characters and setting.

Our tutors are all writers who have studied creative writing and are writing now. We understand the process of trying to express what is in your imagination through the written word. Experienced tutors, workshop leaders and teachers, we enjoy the creative interaction with the children who come on our courses.

Inkhead offers group tuition, one to one tuition and story critiquing as well as regular clubs and holiday courses. We can help your children develop their writing for the 7+ and 11+ but we mainly want to inspire them to fall in love with the power and wonder of writing.

Simply Business - Teachers Public Liability

Simply Business - Teachers Public Liability

Public Liability : £5,000,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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About Us

Inkhead run creative writing workshops for children between 7 and 14 to inspire and encourage them to write fiction. We work in schools and libraries in London during term time running after-school clubs where children are giving the space and opportunity to write their own stories.


  • 7-9 Winner:

    The Frangipani Tree - Hania Jafri.

  • 10-12 Winner:

    The Frangipani Tree - Francesca Muggli

  • 13-14 Winner:

    Stardate 2014 - Finlay Worrollo

  • 15-16 Winner:

    The Frangipani Tree - Amber McNeil


Stardate 2014(13-14)-Finlay Worrollo

  • Louise Pearce

    Louise Pearce is a writer, journalist, editor and critiques novels for a publishing company. She has been writing fiction for 15 years and in 2005 completed an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths College where she worked on a novel. She set up inkhead in January 2006, devising writing exercises and courses to show children how to write fiction. She has been teaching creative writing in schools and privately since 2006 and is an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing for the Open Univeristy.

  • Zoë Bolton

    Zoë Bolton is a short story writer and recent graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at UEA, where she received the Malcolm Bradbury Memorial Bursary. She has facilitated creative writing workshops for schools across Norfolk and Dorset, for the mental health charity MIND and most recently for the Norfolk and Norwich Blind Association. Zoë is currently working on a collection of short stories set on a remote Japanese island, Okinoerabu, where she worked as an English Language teacher for two years.

  • Alistair Roberts

    Alistair Roberts has an MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths. Over the last 20 years he has written plays and novels. His plays have appeared on the London “Fringe” circuit; other work has been broadcast on radio. He is now writing a novel. Alistair has extensive experience running writing and drama workshops in schools and libraries.

  • Claire Butler

    An experienced copywriter, Claire has written and edited articles for a variety of online and printed publications. Alongside freelance writing and editing jobs and personal writing projects, Claire runs creative writing workshops for inkhead, vounteers as a writing mentor for the literacy charity Ministry of Stories and assists at the literacy project Hackney Pirates.

  • Romey McDonald

    Since graduating with a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Screenwriting, Romey has continued writing both short stories and screenplays, whilst working in education with young people in a variety of settings. Currently working as a Teaching Assistant, she has also been assisting with various creative learning projects for organizations such as Inkhead, the Ministry of Stories, Theatrebugs and the Barbican, and has led workshops for students at the University of the Arts.

  • Rae Stoltenkamp

    Rae is a writer, blogger and former English teacher. She has worked on a collaborative short story collection called Chasing The Hypotenuse which links Maths and English. She studied writing at City Lit under the tutelage of the poet Caroline Natzler and has published a novel, Six Dead Men, for e-readers.

  • Jane Hankin

    Jane is a writer for Young Adults with a background in education. She has a first degree in English Literature, a PGCE in post-compulsory education and a Masters in Creative Writing from Birkbeck, London. She is currently working on her fourth novel. For the past 16 years, Jane has taught creative and academic writing at the University of the Arts London, and is currently working with Animation degree students running Story Design workshops. She has worked at all levels from primary school age to Masters students and also runs creative writing workshops with children in local schools.

  • Freddie Machin

    Freddie Machin is a playwright, journalist and creative practitioner. He trained as an actor at Manchester School of Theatre and began writing plays for young people at Action Transport Theatre. He is currently working on a new stage play thanks to BBC arts funding and the support of ice&fire Theatre Company. He delivers workshops on a regular basis for Shakespeare's Globe and Tender, an organisation working to promote healthy relationships between young people.

  • Ed Sibley

    Ed has an MA in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway as well as a BA in English Language and Literature from UCL. He is currently working on his second novel, due for completion sometime in 2015. For the last seven years he has worked extensively with primary-level children of mixed abilities in both a classroom and a private tuition setting, specializing mainly in Creative Writing and Comprehension but also dealing with Mathematics.


    A graduate of Oxford University, Lucy spent five years working in the media before re-training as a teacher. She now teaches academic English at the University of Westminster and is an English tutor to primary and secondary school children. Lucy volunteers as a writing mentor at the charity Ministry of Stories. Lucy has studied creative writing at Spread the Word, City University and Birkbeck University of London. In 2013 she was selected for Curtis Brown Creative's 'Writing for Children' course under the tutelage of children's author Tony Bradman, where she developed and began her own novel

  • John Sheil

    John Sheil is a fiction writer and recent graduate of the BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from University of Warwick, where he received a First. He tutors and runs workshops for children across London and is now writing his second novel, (not that the first one was published). He is currently studying for an MA at Goldsmiths.


What Our Happy Customers Say

  • My daughters both enjoyed the Blackheath holiday course this time. They particularly liked the feedback from Romey as they found it very positive and encouraging.  They also got on well with the other children in the group.When they previously went to the Herne Hill holiday course, which they also enjoyed, they were so enthused by it that they

    - Sian

  • The creative writing classes run by Louise Pearce are inspirational. Why? Because my 13-year-old son Ben gets up at 8 on a Saturday morning, with enthusiasm, in order to attend a two-hour writing session! Always a voracious reader and keen creative writer, Ben has really loved these sessions. Through exercises involving such things as characterisation, plot and

    - Helen, mother

  • My girls have never missed a session! They have worked on short stories and extended pieces with equal enthusiasm and great success. Some even write more stories in their own time and I have received these as gifts from the girls. I am very pleased that my girls have been given this extra opportunity.

    - Mrs. B. Risk, Sydenham High Junior School, London

  • Emily has really enjoyed her time with inkhead. She has gained more confidence and learned how to use her imagination.

    - Sherina Morley

  • Jade enjoyed the workshop so much last year that she wanted to come again this year. Inkhead is a great forum for children to explore imaginative story making.

    - Fay Saxty

  • Abhay has really enjoyed coming to inkhead. He has been more enthusiastic and motivated towards writing his stories

    - Gauri, mother

  • Initially Louise’s class was to help my daughter commit her riotous thoughts to paper in an imaginative, creative way. This achieved, she has begun her first ‘novel’ – a work of art and major achievement for a previously reluctant writer; the inspiration for which can only be attributed to Louise’s determined ability to understand what drives

    - Eartha, mother

  • Louise’s class is the place where my daughter comes to dream and let her imagination run riot. She wouldn’t swap it for any other club in the world!

    - Jana, mother

  • My two children have loved coming to Inkhead. Louise has helped them explore their imaginations and gives them great tips. They have written some wonderful stories!

    - Neil Amos

  • The inkheads have really helped me with my English and I have really enjoyed it.

    - Sean, (11)

  • I really enjoyed inkhead. Now I can’t stop writing!

    - Emily Rose Morley, (age 10)

  • Inkhead is REALLY fun its really imaginative.

    - Jade, (10)

  • Inkhead is really good and helps you to write really good stories.

    - Abhay, (9)

  • Hannah had a fantastic three days on the story writing course at the Carnegie Library over the Easter holidays. She loved taking part and said the time flew by. At the end, Hannah was asking when the next course would be and if she could sign up for it as she had had such a brilliant time. Hannah also said the other kids on the course were really nice and had been good to

  • My 7 year old daughter has very nervous about attending the course because she was on her own. However she quickly made friends and she absolutely loved it. She has already shown her stories to her teacher and is looking forward to attending again.  

  • Well, I am not altogether sure how Zoe did it (am thinking witchcraft or somesuch) but Tom and Arch have had a ball this week and just loved Inkhead. Archie has really struggled with writing and I could almost weep at him coming home so enthused! Not sure whether it’s a threat or a promise, but he told Zoe this morning that he’ll be back in the summer. Anyway,

  • Writing class is really fun. My teacher says that my writing is getting better every week. I joined it because I love writing and I would like to improve it. My favourite bit about writing is when I get to the middle of the story because that is when the problem comes in. To me the problem is the easiest part. At school we have to do a plan before we write the story.

    - Lauren, student

  • Writing is not just a piece of paper, writing is a place. Writing is a place where anything is possible, and there are no rules. It’s a place for imagination to go absolutely mad. Everyone has their own little creative writing world. They probably don’t use it properly. But I manage to get into mine every week and that’s brilliant.

    - Matthew, student